Future Predictions

My prediction for future trends is that more classic movies from the 20th century will be remade and/or rebooted. Hollywood is running out of ideas but they don’t seem to be stressing because what has been making them money lately is recycled ideas. In the hands of good filmmakers, reboots or remakes can be a positive thing because filmmakers such as Joel and Ethan Coen can take a movie like True Grit (2010) and have it be something resembling the original but almost entirely their own. There are more examples of good remakes such as Scorsese’s The Departed (2006), Mangold’s 3:10 To Yuma (2007) and Soderbergh’s Ocean’s Eleven (2001) (3).

However, the trend over the more recent years has been to remake films that; a) don’t call for it and b) have nothing special or new added to them. A key example of this is Ghostbusters (2016) which tried to head up gender equality by having an all-female team of Ghostbusters with a male secretary (yeah, that’s the way to do it guys). Not only did this attempt fall flat in comparison to the original, also the funniest character on screen was Chris Hemsworth’s secretary character, as well as being a paint by numbers action spectacle (4). Other examples of lacklustre remakes are Point Break (2015), RoboCop (2014) and Poltergeist (2015). However, in very recent years there have been some reboots that have translated well to TV, The Exorcist (2016) being the prime example of this. Ultimately my prediction is, due to the trend in remakes in recent years, Hollywood will continue to produce remakes that take no risks and are therefore pointless, but there may be a place for good remakes on TV.


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