My Media Use and Identity

My main use of media in the film world is my collection of blu-ray and DVD (but mostly blu-ray) movies and TV shows. They hold a particularly special place in my heart due to the emotional attachment that comes from the possession of physical objects (and mediums in this case) as opposed to digital. For me, I enjoy the artistry of covers and the creativity that the distributors go to to produce alternate covers, steelbooks, special editions etc. Something as simple as special features is just one other thing that makes the physical medium of blu-rays.

In, 2014 The Guardian surveyed people aged 16-24 and found that 62% of this group preferred buying books to reading eBooks. Many film directors in recent years such as Quentin Tarantino, Christopher Nolan and J.J. Abrams have been crusading to keep alive the art of shooting film with film stock as opposed to digital. And in recent years there has been a resurgence of vinyl production and collection. There are many reasons for the sudden love for the media mediums of the past, to remember where we came from, to stay grounded in the digital age and even just the happy feeling you get from putting one more blu-ray in your shelf, even if it’s taking up room that could probably be more practically used.

The best I can explain it is the feeling I get from looking through old photo albums of my childhood far exceeds the way my selfies make me feel. Physical possessions make us feel comfortable because we’re surrounded by things that we chose to put there, as is the same with relationships of any kind. The reason that the worst punishment you can give a man in prison (besides lethal injection) is solitary confinement is because they’re completely alone and humans need physical companionship of any kind. Maybe that’s a stretch from movies to prison but it proves the point that we have the best relationships with things that are tangible, things we can touch.



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