Applaud The Screen

There are many ways to take a film in now with various streaming platforms, home releases etc. but nothing beats going to the theatre for me. Other unruly patrons aside, in the world we live in today where attention spans are shrinking its far more engaging to sit in a darkened room with a bunch of strangers and share a cinematic experience for two hours. Some of the best movie-going experiences I’ve had are in good comedies and good horrors because they both illicit strong reactions and you share them as a community of sorts. Because I am such an avid fan of the film community I follow film news and find out every bit of information about the movie and seen all the trailers before it is released which is good at times but more recently I’ve found that experiences where I steer clear of the information and essentially go in blind are a whole different type of exciting. Most recently with this year’s Get Out, I didn’t watch any trailers, read any plot summaries or anything, I knew who the director and cast were and that’s it and I had an amazing time. Then again, a lot can be said for fan experience films like Marvel or Star Wars where the news and marketing campaigns leading up to the release is part of the fun and the overall experience of the film. In the end, no matter if it’s an indie film or studio blockbuster, the movie theatre is where I want to see it because nothing beats sharing the experience of something new with people you don’t know, but you know they came to see it for the same reasons as you.


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